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Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

Evaporative coolers are in fashion due to their undoubted advantages. It is the perfect solution to refresh the environment during the hottest months. Moreover, evaporative systems do not dirty the air, they do not even pollute, making it a more than plausible option if one is concerned about one’s health and that of the environment.

This is possible thanks to the simple mechanism of evaporative coolers, which filter the air, cool it using water (preferably cold) and return it to the room through a fan. However, they get dirty, particularly, the fan, when they are used continuously for a long period. Therefore, keeping your evaporative cooler in perfect condition will allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

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Having a team of trained and experienced duct cleaning professionals, We always strive to provide the best cost-effective cleaning solutions for evaporative coolers. We utilise our practical knowledge and skill to keep improving our services. Be it a residential or commercial premise, our team of experts will reach you to deliver proactive cleaning options based on the condition of the cooler. For your convenience, we stay available 24*7, even on weekends and holidays. So, if you are looking for an emergency ducted cleaning service, look no more! Just give us a call and we will be there to astound you with our fast and effective service.
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Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Process:

The first step of evaporative cooler cleaning is a thorough assessment of the machinery. Our experts will review the condition of the cooler and based on it they will decide the most feasible course of action. We mostly use air pressure, vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning methods to efficiently clean the cooler depending on the cleaning requirements. However, the basic maintenance involves cleaning the interior and exterior of the unit, change of cooling pads and checking belts.

Cleaning the water tank

One of the main tasks of maintaining an evaporative cooler is cleaning the tank (especially if the hardness of the water used is significant), which must be done with a non-aggressive soap solution. The rest is a matter of rinsing thoroughly and making use of the appliance's drainage system.

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Change the cooling pads

It is one of the most important elements of the air conditioner, so it must always be in perfect condition. In fact, the main causes of evaporative coolers’ malfunction and premature deterioration include excessive fouling and dirt on the pads. We recommended to change them once or twice a year, especially if they are dry or cracked. While replacing the pads, our experts also clean the area of fouling and dirt, getting rid of all dust, allergens and grime.

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Superficial cleaning

The housing of the device is no less important than the other elements. Even if it is only for aesthetic reasons, we clean the air conditioner well on the outside with a cloth and mild cleaning products. We avoid abrasive chemicals or detergents, as they can damage the unit. Also, we suggest you keep it away from sunlight to avoid colour changes in the case.

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After the cleaning process is over, it is mandatory to perform proper sanitisation. Our experts will spray the disinfectant solution in the interior as well as the exterior of the machine to eliminate all allergens, pathogens and other micro-organisms.

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The final step is the re-assembling of the evaporative cooler. Once the area is cleaned, and with the new pads on, we place the frame and the retainer and rebuild the cooler.

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Benefits of the Evaporative Cooler Cleaning:

  • After a thorough cleaning, their efficiency is increased.
  • Power consumption is minimal.
  • They do not pollute.
  • They purify the air in the house efficiently.
  • Eliminates the presence of germs, allergens and pathogens.
  • Removes foul odour.
  • Maintains consistent cooling.
Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

Why it is essential to clean evaporative cooler?

Evaporative Air Coolers are a great option to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. They are low-power and portable, helping you cool your bedroom or living room whenever you want. However, Evaporative Air Coolers have a filter that retains dust particles, allergens, germs, etc. from the environment and it is vital that these filters are kept clean and in good condition otherwise, the flow and quality of the air entering the unit could be affected. A professional duct cleaning service would make sure that each part of the cooler is properly cleaned and sanitised.

Professional Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Services Neerim South

Your evaporative cooler needs repair and management as much as any other device in your house or commercial space. Choose the most professional evaporative cooler cleaning service for ideal results. Our team is full of skilled and licensed technicians who believe in delivering quality. Regular evaporative cooler cleaning by professionals can mean better life span and better performance with your cooler. We use advanced technology in the market to make sure we deliver the quality we guarantee.

Evaporative cooling cleaning can be a difficult task if you try to engage in it yourself. Professionals in the industry save you time, efforts, and a lot of money. These repairs and cleaning drives will not only help your evaporative cooler work better, they will also make sure you save extra on energy bills every month. Our services are accessible throughout Australia. An active customer support team is eager to help you schedule your first evaporative cooler cleaning experience.

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What to Expect from Us?

At Duct Clean Doctor, we are renowned for the supreme quality services we provide our customers. Our experienced team members have the expertise to deliver the best ducted cleaning services with guaranteed results. It is our prime goal to offer you the resources and skilled professionals who can guarantee complete satisfaction at affordable prices.

Our staff is affable in nature and always goes far and beyond to appease our customers with all their cleaning needs by understanding them and customising them as per the prerequisites.

Same Day Evaporative Cleaning Service:

We understand the emergency needs of our customers, so we have specially introduced same day emergency evaporative cleaning services, following which you can avail our exclusive services on the same day of the booking. All you have to do is just call on our helpline number and request our services. We have a team of expert technicians who will use advanced quality machines and modern cleaning methods to meticulously clean your coolers without any concern.

Why Choose Duct Clean Doctor?

  • We are renowned as one of the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners
  • Fast, Effective and Professional Services at affordable prices
  • Same Day Emergency on-site duct cleaning services
  • Available 24*7 in all localities of Neerim South
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions and sanitisation techniques
  • Modern cleaning methods and advanced equipment for best service with guaranteed results
  • We can also repair your ducted heating system if needed.

We also Perform Evaporative Cooler Repair Services Such as:

  • We are certified to repair your duct if needed
  • If in any case, your ac duct or heater duct flow is blocked due to leakage of pipe we can fix it.
  • We can also replace old pipes and ductwork if needed
  • If there is any vent for the floor or ceiling duct that is not working, we can repair that duct vent.
  • Also, you can call us for ongoing duct maintenance.

Frequently asked questions about evaporative cooler cleaning

We provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our evaporative cooler cleaning service. Give us a call if there is anything about the work we did that makes you unhappy, and we will come back to look at it.
Depending on the system type, degree of damage, cleaning method, and client requirements, the price may vary. After your system has been thoroughly inspected by our staff, you will be given a written estimate of the work involved, and the cleaning will begin as soon as it has been mutually agreed upon.
No, the amount we give you includes all taxes and is the final price you pay. Cleaning an evaporative cooler with us has no additional fees. We also provide written estimates to avoid confusion in the future.
Yes! Our staff provides both residential and business clients with emergency services. "Promoting healthy indoor air quality, lowering allergens, and enhancing people's daily lives" is something we actively pursue. This is our goal, and our passion for achieving it fuels our constant pursuit of perfection. As a result, you can use our services the day after making a reservation. We also provide service on weekends and federal holidays.
Absolutely! Every single member of our team is skilled and knowledgeable. Additionally, they go through a background check because we emphasize your safety. You can let them in to clean the evaporative cooler; they won't bother you in any way while they work.
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