Ducted Heating Cleaning Korumburra South

Duct Heating Cleaning

Ducted Heating Cleaning Korumburra South

Duct Clean Doctor is the best duct cleaning company:

When a cooling or heating unit is continuously used for a long period of time without any cleaning or maintenance, the efficiency of the unit decreases due to clogged ducts and vents. As a consequence, your system will struggle to maintain even temperature and your electricity bill will go up. Moreover, pathogens that breed on the clogged dirt may make the whole family ill. That is why professional duct cleaning is required from time to time.

Duct Clean Doctor can be regarded as indoor air specialist because of the efficient duct related services we offer. If it is your HVAC system that you wish to clean, we would suggest you not to hire just anyone.

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Reasons to Get Your Air Duct Cleaned:

The basic reason behind the cleaning of the air duct is to maintain hygiene. However, there are many other reasons which make it mandatory to have a clean air duct at home and we would like to point those out for you.

  • The presence of dirt and debris, at times moulds in the duct may clog the area and sometimes it causes really bad musty odours, cleaning and sanitising the duct removes that unbearable smell.
  • Clogged dirt and dust also breed germs and allergens which results in the appearance of allergies, headaches or ailments such as respiratory conditions.
  • Dust and residues that accumulate inside the ducts and in the ventilation also reduce the efficiency of the cooling or heating unit. They cannot maintain even temperature indoors if proper cleaning is not conducted.
  • In order to avoid the poor indoor air quality that happens due to the continuous circulation of polluted air inside home, it is essential to have a regular maintenance and control service of the system. The objective is to maintain healthy and pure air.

If you feel your duct is also clogged with impurities and allergens, hire an efficient duct cleaning service like us immediately.

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Our Duct Cleaning Process:

The objective of cleaning ducts is to extract the dirt, microorganisms, dust, fungi and residues that accumulate inside the ducts and in the ventilation of cooling or heating equipment, without causing any damage to the system structure.

Our duct cleaning process comprises of different phases:

  • Internal inspection of ducts
  • Cleaning of heating and ventilation ducts
  • Cleaning of diffusers and grilles
  • Cleaning of Air Treatment Units
  • System disinfection
  • Technical report of results.

Interior duct inspection

The technical inspections in interiors of heat chamber or ventilation ducts are carried out by means of a specialised team and high-quality cameras. This inspection makes it possible to certify the internal hygienic state of the duct as well as to locate possible leaks or foci of pests.

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Cleaning of heating and ventilation ducts

When it comes to different duct cleaning alternatives there are three methods that are widely accepted and recognized. These methods are carried out with specialized equipment that uses the most current technology on the market. The three renowned methods we implement are:

  • By mechanical brushing system.
  • By aspiration with contact.
  • By pressurized air using a chamber nozzle system.
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Duct cleaning by brushing system

This process consists of cleaning the ducts using mechanical brushes adapted to the shape and size of the ducts, all accompanied by the force of the suction. The brushing action is always exerted in the opposite direction to the air direction of the vacuum cleaner, in order to drag the largest number of particles towards it. In order to increase the effectiveness and quality of cleaning operations, internal isolation measures are carried out. This increases the vacuum and suction performance and prevents the transfer of contaminants from one area to another.

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Duct cleaning by aspiration with contact

The aspiration will be carried out with special collecting equipment using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration.

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Duct cleaning by compressed air system

The compressed air cleaning method allows treating porous ducts such as fibre without damaging the structure. The blowing equipment consists of an intelligent hose with a chamber that is propelled by the action of the air in the duct. The head is equipped with a camera that will record the entire cleaning process. This equipment will be connected to a high-performance compressor.

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Cleaning of diffusers and grilles

In this process, physicochemical and microbiological contaminants are removed by dismantling, applying detergent and disinfectant, brushing, rinsing, drying and laying.

Cleaning and disinfection of Air Treatment Units

Equipment such as air conditioners, fan-coils, variable volume boxes, cassettes or similar will be decontaminated by directly accessing their components and proceeding to clean by pressurized water systems and application of authorized degreasers and detergents.

Disinfection of the duct system

After proper cleaning, if there is a risk of microbial amplification to indoor environments. Duct Clean Doctor carries out disinfection of the complete heating system: heat chamber, air distribution ducts and diffusers. For this, the micro-diffusion method will be applied from the air handling units.

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Our Quality Endorsed Services:

We, at Duct Clean Doctor, always recommend you to keep all the ducts and vents clean and sanitised, otherwise it not impact the efficiency of the unit but it also affects the health of the family members.

Our exclusive duct cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of HVAC and its sanitation.
  • Air ducted and central duct system cleaning.
  • Floor and ceiling duct cleaning.
  • Deodorizing and sanitisation of ducts.
  • Cleaning of ducts infested with vermin.
  • Duct Return Vent Cleaning.
  • Repairing of Furnaces.
  • Radiant Heat Repair.
  • Space Heater Repair.
  • Furnace installation, maintenance and replacement.
  • Air Ducted Heating Cleaning.

Our Other Duct Cleaning Services Include:

  • Ducted heating and cooling unit installation
  • Filter exchange service
  • Air handling unit cleaning
  • Central duct cleaning
  • New duct installation
  • Vent duct cleaning
  • Wall split system unit cleaning and servicing
  • Evaporative cooling cleaning and a lot others!
Heater Duct Cleaning

Local Duct Cleaning Service

Effective duct cleaning can be difficult to achieve if you don't come across the right kind of duct heating cleaning. As an experienced cleaning service in Korumburra South, we know just how to go about the process. We can help you achieve optimum satisfaction with our customer friendly heater duct cleaning approach. Our skilled technicians have spent years researching ducts of heating systems. As a result, they have a complete and comprehensive know-how of what exactly makes for the ideal cleaning process. Beginning all the way from identifying the source of the problem, we take our services to the very last step. Our team always leaves your system well sanitised and ready for use as it restores its glory and begins working as good as new. Professional duct heating cleaning can save your day!

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Ideal Duct Cleaning Service at Friendly Prices

It is our aim to make sure that when it is about duct heating cleaning, Korumburra South, you never have to pay even a tad bit extra. Our cleaning service packages are designed to meet you at favorable price points, and that is how we wish to become the most reliable and trustworthy name in heating duct cleaning, Korumburra South.

Our duct cleaners are proactive and tailor made for different kinds of vents and heating ducts. No matter what model is in use, we always have the right way to go about the cleaning process. Cleaning heating ducts is not a cakewalk without the right procedure at play, and we make sure our technicians follow safety guidelines through and through. Once duct cleaning is complete, your duct is free from all the accumulated dirt, soot, grime, dust, pet hair, and other intrusive elements. Routine cleaning of these ducts can help you reduce energy bill costs and maximise vent efficiency.

To make sure all of this happens without any hassle, avail our ideal duct cleaning services at friendly prices. Heater duct cleaning, Korumburra South, is now more professional and affordable than ever.

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As a professional duct cleaning service, we always know the right solution for all your blocked vents and filters. If you've been facing troubles with your ducts or other parts of your heating system, get in touch with us for quick and professional heater duct cleaning. All our services extend to residential and commercial spaces all over Korumburra South, and we wish to serve all our customers to the best of our ability. Bring back hygiene at your home and workplace by making the right choice. Choose a concerned and effective duct cleaning service that works. Make the right call by getting in touch with our dedicated team.

Boast the cleanest vents all over the city

Availing duct cleaning services from us will mean healthy and functional vents in your heating system. As a skilled and professional cleaning service, our focus lies on unmatched duct heating cleaning. Get in touch with professionals on board and boast the cleanest vents all over the city. We offer same day service for residents all over Korumburra South. Keep your heating ducts clean and functional and reduce unnecessary grand repairs. Routine check ups by our team will make sure you stay on the top of your energy bill saving game at all times.

More About Us

Furnace Repair Services:

At Duct Clean Doctor, we are not only proficient in heated duct cleaning services but we also extend our services to the repair and maintenance of the furnaces. The field service requires solid knowledge of the overall system. And it is that thorough knowledge that we implement when setting the maintenance and repair tasks required for your furnace. Our portfolio of furnace repair services include furnace rebuilds and upgrades, hot spot repairs and general maintenance, leak detection, calibration and uniformity testing. 

DIY Methods to Maintain Air Ducts:

Dust and dirt particles are basically everywhere. But your ducts may be picking up a lot more, which includes pet hair, smoking residue, airborne allergens, or even construction dust from a recent remodel. Many of these particles will flow through the system or become trapped in the filter, but some will adhere to the duct walls, where they can contaminate the otherwise clean air. A simple three-step cleaning and maintenance process at home can assist you in avoiding this unpleasant scenario from occurring. The steps are:

  • Remove the air conditioning duct vent covers. If the covers have screws remove them with a screwdriver. 
  • Wash the vent covers with a soap solution. Apply two to three drops of mild dish cleanser to a sink filled with warm water. If dust and dirt persist, leave the covers to soak. Rinse with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Clean the inside of the ducts and vents as deeply as possible with a damp cloth. Attach the vacuum's long-reach handle and remove as much dust and debris from the duct as possible. If accumulated dirt remains there, loosen it with a cleaning brush. Vacuum up the rest of the dust and debris in and around the area.

Although the most thorough cleaning can only be accomplished by a professional cleaning service, these steps will help you retain a clean and hygienic environment at home.

Same Day Emergency Duct Cleaning Service:

At Duct Clean Doctor, we always give utmost priority to the needs of our customers. Keeping that ideology in mind, we have introduced our same day emergency duct cleaning service for those customers who require our immediate attention. Utilising this service, our customers can claim our service on the same day of the booking. We ensure you our expert technicians will reach your doorsteps within 3-4 hours, catering to all your duct cleaning or repairing needs. To avail this service, all you have to do is call us on our helpline number and book an appointment for the same day. We will be there to offer our credible services using the most advanced tools and machinery.

Why Choose Duct Clean Doctor?

  • We are one of the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners
  • Fast, Effective and Professional Services at economic costs
  • Same Day Emergency on-site duct cleaning services in Melbourne
  • Available 24*7 in all localities of Korumburra South
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions and sanitisation techniques
  • Advanced cleaning methods and state-of-art equipment for best service with guaranteed results
  • We can also repair your ducted heating system if needed.

Frequently asked questions about ducted heating cleaning

Ventilation systems have been observed to accumulate dust, fungus, and bacteria. These pollutants have the potential to be unhealthy for you, unpleasant, or allergy-inducing. The elimination of these impurities from your HVAC system ought to be seen as a step towards raising the quality of the air within your house.
Every two to five years and after sizable renovations, we advise having your air ducts cleaned.
While it may be tempting to attempt to clean your air duct system on your own, hiring professionals will ultimately be safer, more efficient, and less expensive. We have qualified specialists who clean air ducts with the best tools on the market without dispersing dust, filth, mould, or allergens into the air.
Absolutely. When cleaning the duct system, our latest technology prevents the discharge of any dust, debris, allergens, or dirt into the surrounding air.
This changes according to the size of the house and the ductwork's configuration. A typical-sized home can be completed in three to five hours by two qualified specialists.
Your ducts won't be harmed by our method of cleaning them; in fact, it will increase the efficiency and lifespan of your complete HVAC system, saving you money. To clean many negative air duct systems, they must cut into your air duct system. After cleaning, they "repair" the duct. Instead, the technology takes advantage of the current air handler. Therefore, there is no need to cut into the duct system.
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