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Duct Cleaning Special

Ducted Heating & Cooling Unit Cleaning

Duct Heating & Cooling Unit Cleaning Exclusive offers !!!

AC Duct Cleaning at only $-- per Central Vent Duct Cleaning, We also get rid of dead rodent & odour from your Duct.

Central Ducted Heating & Cooling Unit Cleaning for $-- 7 Duct Vents AC Duct Cleaning for $-- – 10 Duct Vents

Evaporative Duct Cooler Cleaning – --% Discount

Emergency or Same Day Service No Extra Fee

Duct Repair – -- % Discount

Our Exclusive Duct Cleaning Heating & Cooling Service is at $-- per Duct Vent Cleaning

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Benefits of Duct Clean Doctor:

  • Central Duct Cleaning allows the flow of fresh air and removes foul smell from the ducts.
  • We are proficient in removing dead rodent from your duct that might be the reason behind the unpleasant scent in your home.
  • Our cleaners are expert in eliminating dust deposit that settles over your return air vent.
  • Eliminates all the dust, grime and residues from your ducted heating system.
  • We make sure the thermostats of the complete ducted heating systems are operational at their full potential, thus, increasing the performance by decreasing the power consumption bills.
  • Terminates all allergens, bacteria, moulds, fungi and other aerobes, thus making sure that you only inhale clean, fresh and pure air.
  • Breathe in the fresh and purified air after the complete cleaning procedure is ended.
  • If dust and bad odours are making it hard to breathe after switching on the central heating, then call us. Our evaporative duct cooler cleaning eliminates all the dust and also removes dead mouse if there is any, trapped in the duct work pipes.
  • If there are pets at your house, then fallen hairs from pets may get inside the return air vent causing congestion, we can clean that up efficiently, thus, making sure the air you intake is fresh and safe.

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