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Dryer Vent Cleaning Thomson

A dryer vent should be cleaned regularly as a clogged duct may turn out to be a danger to you and your family. Dryers can become the biggest fire hazard in the home, especially due to lint build-up in the dryer tubing and poor airway and duct cleanliness. Proper dryer duct cleaning, also known as vent dryer cleaning, can prevent many of these concerns.

Clogged dryer ducts can force the dryer to take up to three times longer to dry clothes. Lint and dust not only accumulates in the lint filter, but also inside the dryer chassis, around the dryer and in the ducts that carry dryer lint to the outside. All these issues can be resolved by hiring an expert for dryer vent cleaning in Thomson.

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Why should the dryer vent be cleaned at regular intervals?

Clogged vents might cause numerous hazards, which can be avoided by simply cleaning the vent. Some of those issues are:

  • Dryer fires are often the cause of dirty or poorly installed ventilation. 
  • Another risk of dirty ventilation is the build-up of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Proper cleaning will also save you on the cost of electricity or gas.
  • A stain-free tube will allow the appliance to move the proper amount of air through the system, allowing your clothes to dry at a faster rate without using additional energy.
Symptoms that your dryer vent needs cleaning:

When a dryer vent gets clogged, your dryer will leave a few indicative signs.

  • Significant increase in drying times,
  • Rapid deterioration in the productivity of the machine as the clothes do not dry properly,
  • Massive lint build up in the dryer,
  • Musty smell,
  • Sudden overheating of the machine.
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What is the process of dryer vent cleaning?

To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, just dusting off the lint trap from time to time is not enough. It is vital to perform thorough cleaning both from inside and outside and the steps taken to reduce lint in this drying system will also make clothes dry faster. The professional steps that we take to clean a dryer vent are:

Remove the lint filter from the dryer

This is one of the basic steps that you're probably most familiar with and perform regularly. It is as easy as removing the lint trap and cleaning it scrupulously with a brush, before each load.

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Vacuum the collection cavity

The collection cavity is the gap that remains after the lint trap has been removed. In this area, there can also be specks of dust that have not been trapped by the collection filter, so it can be vacuumed with the help of a handle the size of the hole.

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Clean the humidity sensor

The humidity sensors are used to let your dryer comprehend when the clothes are dry. If it is covered with lint, it will not work properly, which could cause the appliance to turn off before everything is dry.

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Open the panel surrounding the drum

The final cleaning step would be to open the dryer panel and remove the lint that builds up around the drum. Different models open in different ways, so based on your model's user manual, our experts will perform this task.

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Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning:

    A thoroughly cleaned vent has numerous advantages, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Lower Risk of Fire Hazard:
  • When the lint trap is not being cleaned, lint and other debris can make their way to the vent and clog. Depending on the length of the dryer ventilation and the frequency of its usage, a good amount of lint can get caught in the ventilation. Because the debris inside the vent is highly combustible and it also causes overheating issues, fires may start inside the vent and can potentially cause damage to your home and put your family in danger. Such a huge threat can be avoided by simply keeping the vent clean.

  • Energy Savings:
  • Another benefit of a dryer vent cleaning is energy savings. A clogged vent can add $18 to $24 a month to your electric bill. A dryer with dirty ventilation can add a lot to that monthly electricity bill. If you want to save some money and stop giving so much to the electric company, have the dryer vent cleaned properly by a professional and you will notice the difference immediately.

  • Time Saving:
  • The third benefit of regular ventilation cleanings is the time you can save. When the vent is full of debris, it is not uncommon for clothes to dry in two or three cycles instead of one. The clogged vent reduces the efficiency of the machine and it takes longer time to dry clothes. If you take your clothes out of the washing machine and they are not completely dry, it is probably because your dryer's ventilation needs a good cleaning.

    By contacting a dryer vent cleaning company, you can fix these problems and get your dryer back to normal operation. You can also hire a company like ours to take preventative measures against lint build-up in the dryer.

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Why Choose Duct Clean Doctor for this job?

Over the years, we have always provided genuine cleaning services to all our clients. It is with our utmost dedication and skilled services that we have turned out to be one of the most trustworthy cleaning company. Apart from these factors, there are also the following advantages:

  1. Save time: While you handover these tiring tasks to cleaning professionals like us, you can have more time for yourself. In this way, you can focus on what is truly important: being with family, friends or just relaxing.
  2. Get the best results Employees of our cleaning company are truly skilled professionals in the sector. This means that they know what products to use and how to clean the different materials and surfaces. Moreover, at our company, we use specialized products with advanced formulas indicated to be used by cleaning professionals.
  3. Good hygiene Good hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing diseases and allergies. This is essential especially in homes where people are allergic to dust or with respiratory or skin problems. We can guarantee you good hygiene and health by using only effective sanitisation products.
  4. Ecologically aware We have an ecological conscience, and that is why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. In addition, we know how to manage different waste and where to deposit the containers to help reduce the environmental impact.
  5. Legal guarantees We are a certified cleaning company and have insurance to cover any damage, injury or workplace accident that may arise from cleaning work. In addition, hiring us guarantees that all the legal requirements necessary to perform the cleaning functions are met.
  6. Schedule flexibility Our objective is to offer you a cleaning service adapting to your requirements so that it does not interfere with your daily activity. We make sure we are available for you 24*7, even on weekends and holidays.
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