11 Signs Your Ducts Should Be Cleaned - Expert advice on duct maintenance

11 Signs Your Ducts Should Be Cleaned – Expert advice on duct maintenance

Regular air duct cleaning is one way to improve the overall air quality in your home. The comfort of a home is significantly affected by indoor air quality. Dust, mould spores, pollen and insect droppings can cause adverse reactions, to people and pets too!

Here are 11 signs your ducts should be cleaned:

Learn about duct cleaning signs and Duct Cleaning Benefits:

Ducts Clogged with Dust and Debris:

In normal situations, air ducts do not release visible dust or debris when the heating and cooling system is switched on. The air starts flowing through the ducts. Visible dust clearly signifies dusty air registers.

Clogged Air Filters:

If you have to swap out filters in your heating and cooling system continuously, this could be an indication of a deeper problem. You need to check on the air ducts regularly. Change of air filter every few months is advisable.

Unpleasant odour:

If there is foul odour in your ventilation system, it is a sign of the presence of debris in the system. Have local duct cleaning specialists inspect the air ducts.

Mould and Mildew:

Dust has serious effects on your health, but mould is worse. Mold and mildew spread quickly in the house. Local duct cleaning specialists advise to invest in a home dehumidifier.

Unstable or poor airflow:

The easiest way to know that your air ducts should be cleaned, is inconsistent airflow. Indoor airflow should be of the same quality and consistent.

Insects, Rodents or Other Infestation:

Pest infestations in your home is another sign that you should clean your ducts. Vermin dander, insect droppings, bacteria, and viruses can cause serious health problems.

Dusty Home or Workplace:

Nobody likes any cleaning activities. If you continuously find dust and dirt in your home even after cleaning, this could be from your HVAC system.

Higher Than Usual Heating and/or Cooling Costs:

In case of abnormally high costs, your home systems could be to blame. If the duct is blocked the furnace and air conditioner will have to use more energy. This directly translates to increased bills.

Strange and Unusual Noises:

If you have lived in your home for a few years, you definitely know how the HVAC system sounds when operational. Anything more than normal sound means your ducts have problems!

No duct cleaning done:

If you stay in an old home with no recollection of when the air duct was last cleaned, find a technician to inspect and clean the air duct. The systems may not show any signs that it requires cleaning but definitely has accumulated dust over the period it has been in use.

Your Home Was Recently Built or Renovated:

Construction work is undoubtedly messy. Unless the HVAC systems are off or completely covered during the renovations, dirt and dust will have been sucked up into the duct.

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